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cannabis and hemp field


The industrial hemp and cannabis industries are currently undergoing a rapid transformation.  Conventional methods for growing and processing are extremely inefficient and cost-prohibitive. Drawing from decades of engineering experience, The Pawl Group has revolutionized the industry.


It begins with our innovative technology, customized to your needs. Then, our team of engineers manages the manufacturing and fabrication of your system, all based within the U.S. This same team leads the installation of your turnkey solution. The end result is a more efficient use of labor, energy, and water while yielding a higher amount of outputs, at a much higher quality.

Additional services include, but are not limited to:

  • Controlled Indoor Agriculture
    Building envelope – security, access, biosecurity (pest, bacterial, fungal), thermal/moisture barriers, fire protection and drainag HVAC systems – humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, odor and ventilation management Lighting systems – photoperiod, intensity and spectrum management Fertigation systems – growing media (soil, hydroponic, aeroponic of aquaponic), water and nutrient management Genetics systems – seed, tissue culture, cloning and pollination management Energy systems – cost, efficiency and risk management
  • Biomass Harvest Management
    Mechanized harvesting Transportation Material handling Dewatering Drying Sorting/Cleaning/Sizing Scaling/Packaging/Sealing Tracking/Sampling/Labeling Storage/Security Transportation/Certificate of Analysis/Bill of Lading Byproduct disposition
  • Biomass Processing
    Building envelope – security, access, biosecurity (pest, bacterial, fungal), thermal/moisture barriers, fire protection and coatings HVAC systems – humidity, temperature, odor and ventilation management Infrastructure – electricity, natural gas, propane, water, compressed air, steam/condensate, refrigeration and wastewater Material handling Solvent handling - receiving/unloading/storage/re-proofing Solvent extraction Solids separation - pressing/desolventizing/solvent recovery Liquid separation - centrifuge/evaporation/solvent recovery Oil processing - dewaxing/decoloring/decarboxylation/filtering Byproduct handling Oil refining - distillation/crystallization Packaging - filling/labeling/sealing/casing/palletizing/storage Quality assurance - sampling/analysis/ Certificate of Analysis/Bill of Lading/regulatory reporting

With expertise from seed to bottle, The Pawl Group engineers’ have the real-world experience to bring fresh perspective to the unique challenges of our cannabis client-partners. The Pawl Group has no affiliation with any specific equipment manufactures.  As a result, there is no bias when assisting our client-partners with their decision-making process.












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