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The industrial hemp and cannabis industry is currently undergoing a rapid transformation.  Conventional methods used for small scale cannabis growing and processing are extremely inefficient and cost prohibitive when scaled up.  New approaches and advanced technologies are needed to achieve industrial scale processing.  Vendors’ turn-key equipment packages often exclude components necessary for a completely functioning system. The Pawl Group, as a trusted resource, assists our client-partners navigate the technical details associated with agricultural commodity handling and processing.  We help you achieve your business goals of product quality, consistency, efficiency and yield, while maximizing the return on your invested capital. 


Our experienced team of forward-thinking professionals will apply our process improvement methods to optimize the systems of your facility.  The result is more efficient use of labor, energy and water; while keeping you in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.


With The Pawl Group’s comprehensive knowledge of industrial scale agricultural commodity processing, we can assist you with any aspect of your cannabis operation.  Services include, but are not limited to:

Controlled Indoor Agriculture

  • Building envelope – security, access, biosecurity (pest, bacterial, fungal), thermal/moisture barriers, fire protection and drainag

  • HVAC systems – humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, odor  and ventilation management

  • Lighting systems – photoperiod, intensity and spectrum management

  • Fertigation systems – growing media (soil, hydroponic, aeroponic of aquaponic), water and nutrient management

  • Genetics systems – seed, tissue culture, cloning and pollination management

  • Energy systems – cost, efficiency and risk management


Biomass Harvest Management


Biomass Processing



With expertise from seed to bottle, The Pawl Group engineers’ have the real-world experience to bring fresh perspective to the unique challenges of our cannabis client-partners. The Pawl Group has no affiliation with any specific equipment manufactures.  As a result, there is no bias when assisting our client-partners with their decision-making process.





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