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hydroponic growing racks


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the method utilized to achieve high-performance farming. All aspects of the plants’ environment are monitored and controlled. This results in more frequent harvests of healthy, organic, better-tasting produce right at your customer's doorstep. If the objective is to harvest a specific component or constituent of the plant, the growing environment can be adjusted to produce the highest yields possible.


Whatever you're growing, lettuce to cannabis, the Pawl Group’s experience and skillsets will create solutions to the following unique challenges:

  • Secure, sanitary, efficient, low-cost building envelope

  • Efficient, low-labor material handling systems

  • Energy-efficient, adjustable lighting system

  • Energy-efficient, adjustable, humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide HVAC system

  • An efficient, low-labor, reliable, low-labor fertigation system

  • An effective biosecurity system for pest, bacterial and fungal control

  • An integrated, efficient, reliable utilities' infrastructure to provide uninterrupted service

  • Downstream plant processing (i.e. curing, grinding, extraction, distillation, packaging)




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