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The Pawl Group is unique in that many of its engineers are also certified energy managers. With that, we take a whole-plant approach to our solutions. Our designs utilize production models to understand the relationships between different processes and the subsequent demands on the utility system.

Our involvement can begin in the early stages with strategic capital planning through the detailed design phase and ending with construction, commissioning, and close-out of the projects. 

Energy & Sustainability Solutions

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Process Engineering

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Project Management

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Energy should not be treated as a ‘fixed overhead expense.’ It is a significant part of industrial facilities' operating budget. It must be managed, just like the other inputs to your product, to maximize your profit. And, luckily, The Pawl Group can help manage it. 

Whether building a new facility, renovating an existing building, or looking to reduce energy bills, The Pawl Group’s experienced engineers can help you explore more sustainable solutions and their short and long-term cost benefits. From small lighting retrofits to integrated thermal storage solutions to campus-wide distributed utilities, The Pawl Group uses a whole-plant approach, considering all aspects of your operation. 

Projects often begin with site surveys to understand the quantity and frequency of utility demands. Conservation concepts are then developed and analyzed. Project incentive options are researched and explored with administrators. Capital estimates, schedule projections, concept drawings, and financial analysis is completed and shared with the client partners’ stakeholders.


When approved, the project execution phase begins with a kick-off to review the scope of work and ends with commissioning and start-up. The project close-out would be the final activity where as-built documents and records are transferred to the client partner.

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Capital projects often have a large impact on the companies that perform them. Capital must be spent wisely and efficiently (the right project, at the right time, in the right place). The success of every capital project can be measured by the same four metrics: cost, schedule, operability, and safety.


Working with our client partners’ existing project team, The Pawl Group provides process engineering services to ensure the success of your capital projects. Our in-house expertise encompasses a variety of manufacturing processes, in addition to the utilities required to service those processes. Providing forward-thinking approaches, we help our client partners develop long-term strategies specifically tailored to their business objectives.

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Project Management is a must-have for every organization that wants to turn its visions into tangible products and services.

Projects are different from Operations in that they are unique and temporary, requiring a specific skill set to manage. The Pawl Group has the experience and knowledge to

  • Pull together the specific team of skilled professionals to execute the project

  • Perform the budget and schedule estimates necessary to make business decisions

  • Define the organizational structure, responsibilities, and decision-making authority

  • Establish the financial controls to manage the scope of work and capital spending


Working as our client partner’s representative, The Pawl Group provides the high level of service you need from consultation to strategic planning to full turnkey services.

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